Sunday, January 2, 2011

3 people to avoid:
faith suckers
faith intimidators
faith mockers

dont wait for perfect conditions
mark 10:46-7   46 Then they came to Jericho. As Jesus and his disciples, together with a large crowd, were leaving the city, a blind man, Bartimaeus (which means “son of Timaeus”), was sitting by the roadside begging. 47 When he heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth, he began to shout, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!”

there is no perfect condition to call out to Jesus

yeild what you DO have to the LORD. concentrate on what you do have. so many of us are focused on what we dont have and out weaknessess. this makes us forget our strenghts.
turn deaf ears to neigh sayers, dotn be swayed by public opinion.

stand up for Jesus all by yourself. through mocking and the laughter, be the blind beggar. Jesus shows up in spite of what people say.


John 3:16 i will do everything i can to heal your pain

Matthew 9:36

john 18:36

luke 9:59-62

you must be indifferent to what Jesus is indifferent to. invest life in things that matter. jesus was indifferent to getting rich.

john 5:41

luke 12:15

2 Chronicles 16:9

What matters isnt your past sins its are you avilable? be indispedible

God has never made a person he didnt love. some men need a god hard speaking. brake your heart for what breaks Gods.

mark 9:42

mark 8:35

1 timothy 6:18-19

only people who dont know God worry.

never pray for something you are unwilling to be the answer to.

luke 11:46

Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Travels minus Australia

New Zealand


The arrival in Auckland was a wet one. It rained for most of the day and the hills resembled much of San Francisco. The Asian influence is very strong here and we ate some amazing Thai food for lunch. I ordered a margarita made with whisky, which was absolutely a first but I loved it. I had expectations for what the people in my program would be like but they all completely blew that to shreds. I expected a lot of paring and cliques but we really are one big happy family. We went to a really fancy, expensive dinner in the sky tower which is similar to Seattle’s space needle. We were able to see the whole city from the top and it was beautifully nestled along the water. People bungee jump off this building, like I am telling you in the middle of the city. It was amazingly crazy. Our meal came to 600 NZ dollars so I was happy this meal was on school coz it was like 65 bucks a person. I did not recognize any of the food that was served other than the fried crayfish. Which is still undetermined if crawfish and crayfish are the same thing. Someone please inform me. I tried most everything and liked about ten percent of it. The lamb was really good and Greg could not stop going on about the ice cream, which was fantastic. Crystal and I also tried a kiwi fruit drink and it was so good!!! It was really nice to see everyone feeding each other and sharing their dishes. It was really like one huge family.

Auckland Art Gallery made some of us stare at each other questionably as we looked at a smashed up car sprawled out on the floor. It was when we came upon the microphone piece that we all were able to reflect. As psychology majors we are attracted to things that remind us of the human condition. The way it gathered all of us around was quite amazing. To me, it resembled bringing all the voices of the world together to show that we all share the same condition: pain.

There was a piece of art work that had this on a poster: “Everything else has failed so why not love today? “ It had one for each day of the week with the day labeled and a voice playing over an individual speaker recalling several different love stories. This one spoke to me because it showed that love is the answer. I loved it.

A movie was playing over the walls and it was about Afghanistan. It spoke of the long mountains and stated that they are unnamable unless you group them all together. This spoke volumes to me about what we were in New Zealand to study. It is in the way that New Zealand does not group the Maori or the British together, but as New Zealanders.


The drive to Rotorua was of beauty these eyes have never seen. It wasn’t a beauty of ancient architecture or beautiful oceans. It was sheep in green pastures with rainbows yes, rainbows, two of them over the farms. Green grass surrounded by nature’s quest to be free. Breath taking as it was, I know we have more to come and I can now see why New Zealand makes sure an effort to keep their land clean. I would want it to remain that beautiful as well.

Living thermal village was the start of learning about the Maori people. We were of course late, but it was so nice of the guy to catch us up. I really got a feel for the Maori pride which was so nice to see them freely open with it. I absolutely adored the way that were so proud to share their heritage. The place was beautiful and it is amazing that they still use the hot springs and sulfur to bathe in. They use the warmth of the springs to cook their food. We saw where the mud comes from for the mud baths. They told us people come from all over the world to sit in these baths especially those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Using the earth’s natural recourses to heal is impressive. I can see how their desire to use the earth has transferred into the British New Zealand culture. They are so eco friendly the way they encourage recycling and energy conservation. It takes a strong culture to stay to their tradition as cohesively as they have done. The walk that we took on around the springs opened my eyes to how accepting of different cultures they really are. The cultural performance was insightful. (The really hot Maori man didn’t hurt either.) I enjoyed the explanation of how they believe the eyes and tongue are used as scare tactics. Hearing the language really does bring you closer to their culture. The Penn state choir. What can I say? I was glad that the Maori performers enjoyed it because all I could do was think what nerds they all had to be in real life. Ha-ha. They ruined my vibe of falling in love with the Maori man. Making the rose out of flacks showed me the patience the Maori people had. Mostly because it was really frustrating and partly because our tour guide was basically a saint for helping and correcting our attempts to make a rose out of a flack.

Taking a mud baths was an amazing experience. Cheesy and Chrystal and I decided to venture out for the first time on our own. It was well worth it. For a whole hour we were treated like queens. We sat in the mud bath for 30 minutes and lathered it all over each other. A man’s dream I am sure. They even take pics while you are in there; look out for them to post. You then have to take a cold shower to rinse off the mud. I didn’t feel like a queen then. We then got to sit in the natural hot spring (with natural sulfur) and then proceed to the very hot sulfur bath with the beautiful view into the thermal spas. The Maori people believe the volcanic mud and the natural sulfur springs have healing components. People with ruhmetoid arthritis come from all over the world to sit in the bath and it relieves them of their symptoms. I had an achy hip. Yes you heard me, hip from a certain dance I preformed for Kathryn on her bachelorette party. On this bus we met Daniellea from Brazil who came to NZ to study English. Her host mother dropped her off in Rotorua and she was all alone experiencing NZ. We became fast friends and I was in awe of her independence. It is always the people you meet that makes it that much sweeter. We went to the festival in the street and she taught me to Samba right then and there. Incredible. She came with us the next night to Mitai experience the next night. The food was cooked in the thermal “oven” the traditional Maori way.

The ride over to the Mitai was a learning experience. We heard girls making comments about how Americans are always are so loud. Turns out they were American. The learning comes in because they made the comment as a "them" comment as to exclude the "us" from the situation. Bitches. Ha-ha. So we said the blessings over the food and went for a walk and waited for the boat to come down the river. I find peace in the signing in traditional Maori language. Watching the haka never gets old as it shows the way of life and beliefs of the Maori people. The food was out of this world and overall, it was a great experience.

Kiwi encounters: You can’t go to New Zealand without at least attempting to see a Kiwi. I don’t think I have ever seen a group of adults more excited to go to a zoo like experience. Swans, baby ducks, Kea birds, Kiwis. We were all so excited to see these birds and we had a great time. The night time experience we caught a glimpse of 3 Kiwis. Getting a picture of them is a different story. Forrest came right up to Adrianna and me twice. It was really cool. She stuck her long beak right in our faces and sniffed us out.

The Gondola and luge was amazing because it was fun and the first time we really all bonded as a group. We rode the gondola all the way to the top of the mountain and the view of Rotorua was beautiful. The city is nestled along water and mountains and it holds certain peacefulness to it. We were carried above the roaming cows to the very top. Three times we went down and we had some fun times racing to the bottom. Jessica had some trouble but we helped her out. She came down with her helmet backwards and couldn’t figure out how to put her ticket in but I think it was because she was scared to go down. I was proud of her doing it anyways ad being able to laugh at herself for the things that happened along the way. It was a bit scary because you had to pull towards you to go and if you let go it would stop abruptly and you could fall off. And the edges were not fenced off so if you fell, you basically fell off the cliff. It was crazy and we all had a good time together so that is what mattered.


The drive to Wellington, the capital city was a long one. Eight hours and so incredibly hilly I was close to losing my breakfast. One Dramamine later and I was out until 4:30. We always drove near the water; it resembled much of the Pacific Coast Highway in California. I don’t know what it is about water, but it is so calming. We arrived on another rainy New Zealand day exiting off the bus with a very rude bus driver. We settled in our room and I happily sprawled out all my girl essential products on the bathroom counter since this is the first room where we have our own bathroom.

The Rovers tour took us around to see all the hot spots around town. Wellywood was charming. They talked about all of the movies they made, half I have never heard of. For any Lord of the Rings fanatic, they would have loved it. We got to see the cable cars and the outside of where rugby is played and the tour gave us a better acquaintance with the city I was soon to fall in love with. It helped that we were out of the rain for a bit.

Sheleia, Chrystal and I decided that tonight would be the night we go out. All the books said that the night life was something you had to experience so we did just that. We roamed around town in our sweatpants and tried to find a club that we could gather our strength up for and make a go of it. We roamed about Cuba and Chelsea streets where we were told we would find something but we found nothing. Crystal decided to ask two girls who dressed so cute with their blazer and black converse where the party was at and it was then we became instant friends. They informed us they would be going to a “flat warming” party but they would take us around after to all the Welly hot spots. Those girls were Bonnie and Cia. So far, they have made this city our favorite.

On our out night out waiting for Cia and Bonnie we met Katie who was so friendly she got us into the club that loved to play Greece and S Club 7 music for free! I guess it’s a back door, gotta know a bouncer kind of place. We danced around for a while and went back to our seated post to wait for our new friends. She invited us out to Indian food the next night. We finally saw Cia and Bonnie and they took us to every hidden dance club above a cute and quaint window shop. We got to assimilate into the New Zealand night life. Everyone accepted us for anyone else they have ever known ; dancing with us and having a great time. It was defiantly a positive vibe there as we danced freely even in our American style and the staring was nonexistent. The girls came the next day to take us shopping (which I thought was very nice of them) and showed us their style and stores that they loved. This day became so much more than just shopping. We sat at burger king for hours (with Heinz ketchup on our fries; thank God) and talked for hours about what they thought of New Zealand and the Maori people. We were able to swap ideas, thoughts, and beliefs about so many things. We asked them about what they about gay people, foreign people, Maori people and yes, even American Celebrity people. Through this we discovered the best type of research; just asking. I will forever cherish these moments that we spent with them because we got the real feeling of who they felt they were as New Zealanders. We learned that they believe the Maori to be like our black people to a certain extent. This was a sight into what couldn’t been seen otherwise and showed us that although things were better there, nothing is ever perfect. We learned the stereotypes of what they thought Americans were like including that all black people went to gospel churches. We watched music in BK that were New Zealand artists and they were right; it was horrible. I loved it and I really feel as though this made my learning experience so much more enhanced. The next day we met up with Katie and her friends for Indian food with Chrystal, Sheleia and Dr. Ratcliff. We were hoping to have the same experience with her friends that we did the night before but I was pleasantly surprised. Instead, I ended up experiencing and loving Indian food and getting to know and love my professor. I really love that she takes the time to get to know us and encourages us to get out there and experience all that we want to on this trip. We had a great time at dinner before our gay date night.

Our attempt at a gay day was only somewhat successful. We went to go to the movie festival but we did not get our tickets in time because it was sold out. Which by the way, movies In New Zealand kick ass because you can order wine and ice cream while watching your movie. Made me miss the Alamo draft house in San Antonio ( we went to a movie a different night after the New Zealand fire department evacuated us out of the buildings because our shower steam made the alarm come on.) Sheleia Crystal and Dr Ratcliff and I continued on with our night and proceeded to Wellington’s next top drag queen. Pardon the pun but this was a flaming mess. There was gay, straight, guys and girls there and little stereotyping or staring. These were not good drag queens. There was even a cop there to officiate the process which amazed us. The caliber of the show was below wonderful but the experience was great. We even found a place on the way home for us to dance to good music. Woot woot!

Te Pappa was the perfect plan for this yet again rainy day. It was great to be yet again immersed in the Maori culture. The enthusiasm for the culture is so inspiring here. Again, nothing is perfect but the way the Euro Australians support their Maori is amazing. There was a part in Te Pappa that showed Australia’s efforts to take in refugees from all over the world. I sat in this portion of the museum by myself and just took in all these people’s stories. I think that has something to do with the way the New Zealand mindset is less racist. It really touched me sitting in there. My other favorite part was the giant squid. We got to see the movie of it being pulled up out of the ocean and the carcass itself. It was incredible.


The best day of my life consisted of skydiving with 2 Asian strangers, going in the shoover jet doing 360 degree turns in the canyon so close to the rocks I almost peed my pants while hearing Australian boys in the background scream funny Australian sayings, riding front seat in a helicopter over snow capped mountains and white water rafting in the freezing rain followed up by a fergberger and NZ TV with my friends cozied up in our room. Really, can anything else be said about this?

You think when you bungee jump it will take talking to yourself and having a moment when you decide that you are going to do it. Well not me. I jammed to the song and by the time he got to 3 I was gone. I am crazier than even I knew. It was so long that I ran out of screams and had time to process that I was literally falling. It was amazing and beautiful. I learned how crazy I really am.

Dr. R’s birthday was so much fun because we were all together on the dance floored; my favorite place to be no matter what country I am in. Even the quiet ones were shaking it on the dance floor. I have always thought that dancing brings a crowd together.

Te Anu is a place I could have lived without. I was waiting for the tumble weeds to pass through the town. The natural beauty of the glowworms was amazing and going through the cave was beautiful. I did not like the boat. There is something about not being able to talk at all on the boat in pitch black that I didn’t like. Not to mention that one awful breakfast where the eggs giggled. And where I had a break down over the lack of condiments for my French fries. I am not normally a picky eater but I was so hungry and the tomato sauce in place of ketchup was just starting to piss me off. And the no honey, salad dressing or mustard didn’t make me feel better. However, the class meeting led us to some great conversations. Al in all, Te Anu led our group dynamics to a happy place. I was scared to be in a room with so many girls at once but we kept it old school and played eye spy and charades. I think the bonding of our group really came together. I think it was this experience that bonded us as an in-group instead of several smaller in-groups. We became one family in that city and that was worth it all. And the breakfast that Dr. Ratcliff made us showed our (for the most part) teamwork. And it was by far the best breakfast we had so far so thank you for the egg and cheese sammys.

Milford Sound was amazing. I could have done without the commentary the whole way there but that is okay. WE SAW DOLPHNS! There are some instances in life that you really want to take pictures to share with the people you love that are not there, but the pictures do not do it justice. This was one of those instances. Despite the rain, the waterfalls cascading all around us brought awe to our existence. This experience helped remind me to just be in the moment in life. That sometimes, if you pay too much attention to capturing the moments, you miss them. Sometimes, the beauty of nature can only be seen and felt and not shared. But I am really glad that I was able to share it with the 9 other people I came with.


Dear food at Wagwama and the Mexican place with lime margaritas I love you. I was totally thinking that the Mexican place would be awful because I am very picky about my Mexican food coz I know how it should taste. I should have known better than to second guess my food master Dr. Ratcliff. Made me miss my TX home. Wagwama was so different but I really appreciated the family dinner all together. The thing I loved was how they brought out our food as it was ready. The wasabi cake was amazing.

Strip club. We had to go. Sheleia, Chrystal and I walked in scared as ever, but we did it. We put the dollars in the places where dollars go. (The dollars are coins but you trade them in for paper redemption cards). We got a lesson from the strippers and some great shows. We even got one of the guys there kicked out for talking to us. All in all, great night.

Swimming with the dolphins was something I will be eternally glad that I did. The water was freezing but the experience was so worth it. Sheleia had a rough time in the water but she tried and tried. The dolphins come right up to you and swim with you. These animals are so amazing in the way they are so interested in you. They swam in circles around me over and over again. WE also saw a swimming penguin. Being in the middle of the ocean with just the penguins and dolphins was so amazing.

Tour of college was sorta boring. I stand by my statement, when you have seen one you have seen them all.


The LAX airport was like no other airport. I got there at 6 am and my flight didn’t leave until 11 at night. You would think that would make me upset, but being in airports makes me soul happy. I took a nap on a bench and people watched the rest of the day. I was at the charger and this man sat next to me to plug his iPod in. He continually sat next to me and bounced up and down and staring me down to the beat of his music. It creeped me out so much that I moved back to my bench and went to sleep. I caught up with dancing with the stars, did some homework. Basically, I loved every second of it. When I went to the bathroom, there was a little old Japanese lady putting her lipstick on. It was such a precious moment to me as she bowed to me on her way out. The desire to be beautiful is everywhere; at every age and every culture. For me, airports are the center of the world. It is where the whole world meets each other. It is where Japan comes to the states and the states go to Russia. It’s everywhere I have been and every where I want to go. It is MY Disney world.


Seeing the Hollywood signs was so exciting. We got to drive up a long and windy road into the hills of Hollywood. Seeing America’s signature landmarks is so very special to me. Seeing the beauty and successes of my own country forms a deeper bond within me and the land I love although Los Angeles was not what I expected it to be. I had in my mind a large city with easy access to and from place to place. Boy was I wrong. Everything was so separated. Getting from downtown LA to Hollywood to Rodeo drive were all very difficult tasks. Beverly Hills and Rodeo drive were just ridiculous. You feel out of place just driving around down there. The houses and stores are beautiful but just so way over the top. There are NO public restrooms anywhere and you have to pay for parking everywhere you go. The walk of fame was pretty awesome because it led you from the middle of nowhere alongside the Chinese and Kodak theater. We stopped in the Disney soda and malt shope that had THE best ice cream ever. All around it was pictures of celbes including my favorite train wreck Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus etc siting in the same spot we were. It was there that we met the REAL fresh prince of Bel Air who told us his story. He was Southside Chicago born and raised (I know you hear the tune in your head) where he got into some trouble and had to move into his Uncle’s house. Long story short he became a cook and cooked for my favorite Mary J Bilge!!! A=anyhow, we all thought this was just interesting but it sums up my experience in LA. Everything there is so reliant upon what you have and who you know. Everybody there knows someone famous and that is what makes the town go round. I think I was meant to experience this because I feel as though I was becoming wrapped up in the thing I had and not the people I had around me. It is so important for me to give Glory to God and not Guess purses. Which I did 3 times in one day. It is so easy to give definition to what we have instead of who we are. And on another note, my dearest Alicia, In and Out burger was ALL that you described. And more. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a peeled potato being sliced into fries right before my eyes. Heaven on earth. Beat Sonics booty by far.

The Price is Right was an experience to remember. Getting up at 3 am to get tickets, to then come back at 8 and sit around for hours. It was really cool to see how the tapings are done. Look out for us on July 2nd we will be right behind the contestants about the 4th row. We had pretty much the best seats in the house. I was really sad that I didn’t get to come on down but I did get free taco bell. Big plus there since LA is so expensive. I am really glad we did that because I do not see myself doing that again anytime soon since 3 am and I don’t really get along.

Venice Beach

Are there words? It was like something from a movie. With street vendors all over the place and medical marijuana stations begging you to come meet the doctor it was quite the experience. The beach was full of surfers with tight bodies and body suits. Yumm. The sun was bright without a cloud in the sky. People were skating and surfing and strolling around like there was not a worry in the sky. When you go to buy something, they ask for a donation! I mean this place is the opposite of NY and I see why the East coast West coast debate is a continual battle. Such different worlds. People just mosey along and are in no rush. They will stop and talk to you for hours. There are always the crazy people out there who entertain you. My favorite being the man dressed as a tree claiming to be Santa clause begging people to follow the red ornament he had draped from his branches.


It was slightly disappointing, especially if you have been to Disney world. Never less, being anywhere Disney brings the kid out in you. As my good friend Clay said it best, “You are one big ass kid.” And really, who wouldn’t be in the presence of Mickey and Minnie Mouse? The Fantasmic show at the end was incredibly amazing. With a real Peter Pan and Hook fight on a moving ship across the water and the boat filled with all my favorite princesses including Keyana and Cinderella. 23 years old and the mere sight of a princess and I am screaming and waving to them like a small child. Sometimes, it is so nice to be a kid again. As I get older the opportunities to do so become less and less but that only makes it that much more memorable when they do come around.

San Diego

The Zoo really is what it is cracked up to be. It is huge and so well organized. We got to see a baby panda who was SOOOO cute. I wanted to take him home. Mother Nature really blessed me on this trip because we got to see so many of her miracles. The monkeys were so playful as they banged of the glass and put their butts up against the glass upside down. Next to all the exhibits they post the personalities of the animals so you could get to know them personally. They also show you what animals are endangered and truthfully, it was most of them. It is so sad to think that man is erasing God’s creations. I am glad that there are places working consciously to reverse the damages.

The tequilliaria was great. The margarita was amazing and the ambiance of tequilas from around the world added to the flavor. They even made their own house tequila. I have heard of house wine, not house tequila but this obviously made me happy. The mole was great and I don’t think I have ever had it before. I was grateful for the free food with drinks. We tried to go downtown but it was so busy and it resembled downtown Rochester a bit. Now I know why Jamal you love it so much.

La Jolla beach is one of earth’s rare miracles that you get a glimpse of in your short existence. The beach is on the ends of America’s soil and it is where the seals sun bathe in the sand. We got to see them in their own natural habitat. It was truly one of the best experiences of my life and I am so grateful to have found it. The ice cream from the ice cream truck made it even better despite my near death experience with a Bentley as I jetted across the street without looking both ways.

San Francisco

It was beautifully breathtaking. The hills were quite impressive as some of them seemed to be at exact 90 degree angles. We started off with a fancy lunch next to the Bay Bridge with our Napa Valley wine. It was the perfect start to this city. Seeing the Full House row of painted ladies was another moment where I felt like a child. I mean, what 90s kid didn’t love Full House? I have always loved Victorian houses but these painted ladies are so beautiful touched with old style American beauty. Walking to the Bay and seeing the Golden Gate Bridge was a moment where I can feel the connection to my American pride. That and my love of Michele Tanner and Jesse Katsopolis. Dern Greeks. The pier was just what we were looking for. Sweet food beautiful scenery and tons of tourists. We longed to see Chinatown but figured the bus with all Asian people on it was close enough. We all opened oysters and got to keep and set the pearls into a setting which made for an amazing souvenir even though I hate the concept of that term. My favorite people in San Francisco were all the wonderfully nice ones who gave us directions every time they saw us out with our map. Wonderful city and I have officially added it to a city I could live in. It had such a small town feel to it. And thank you to the Juicy Couture workers for all their advice. Bravo.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Final Trip to Europe


Austria (including Liechtenstein)
  • Vienna
  • Salzburg

Czech Republic



France (including Monaco)

Germany (Munich only)




Ireland (Republic + Northern Ireland)





The Netherlands ('Holland')








It is a Greek Saying....

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Travel outside of states Non Europe









Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bucket List

The Best Moments in my life....
Ate  catfish in the south
Saw the Coliseum
Given away something valuable
Caught a Shark
Go to a Strip Club
Go to Times square to see the ball drop
 Outran a train
Deep Sea fished
Protected someone I loved
Dressed up as Batgirl
Fell in Love
Ate dinner at a restaurant by myself
Went to a German concentration Camp
Been to Africa
Go on safari
Made a fool of myself
Lived in more than one country
Seen a falling star and made a wish
Traveled by train
Pooped or pee your pants on accident
Became a Godmother
Bought myself an expensive piece of jewelry
Became an Aunt
Been horseback riding
Got a motorcycle license
Been to a dude ranch
Used the subway
Driven in NYC
See puppies born
Go rock climbing
Buy a brand new car
Go on a helicopter
Been to a National Football League game
Been to a NBA game
Been to a NHL game
Swam in the Gulf of Mexico
Go canoeing or kayaking
Take up fly fishing
Witness a solar eclipse
Skipped school
Watched someone die
Been to Canada
Been to Mexico
Get a Tattoo/ Pierce something
Buy a house
Been to Europe
Been to Florida
Gone to Washington, DC
Swam in the ocean
Sang Karaoke
Been to the St. Louis Arch
Been down Bourbon Street in New Orleans
Hug India Arie
Danced in the rain
Been kissed under the mistletoe
Watched the sunrise with someone
Gone ice-skating
Seen a play on Broadway
Been deep sea fishing
Driven across the United States
Go scuba diving
Go snorkeling
Traveled by bus
Dug foe Diamonds or gold
Ride a mechanical bull
Been to Disney World
Been to Niagara Falls
Ridden on an elephant
Go white water rafting
See the Empire State Building
Learn the guitar
Got into a fist fight
Learned martial arts or kickboxing
Irish dance
Learn to play tennis
Rode and Flipped a 3 wheeler
learned and used Spanish in real situations
made homemade candles
gambled in Las Vegas
Became a mentor
Seen a Broadway musical
Spent 9 hrs in Macy's NYC
Got a tattoo and piercing
played poker
given to a charity
Been to an international rugby game
built an orphanage
planted a garden
Seen the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
Went sky diving
Walked the walk of fame in Hollywood
Enjoyed the beauty of a Geyser
Been to Australia
Ridden on a San Francisco CABLE CAR
Bungee Jumped
Been in a rain forest
Swim with dolphins
Been paragliding
Fallen in love
Watched the ball drop in NYC for new years
learned how to pole dance

Moments to of my Future.....

 Been to a Major League Baseball game
Been on a cruise 
see the pyramids
See Celine Dion in Concert
Learn to make pottery
 Visit a Renaissance fair

Try fencing
Join the church choir
Ride in a hot air balloon

Drive a race car
Went Hang-gliding
See Mount Rushmore
Climb up the Statue of Liberty
Seen the Eifel Tower

Go whale-watching

Watch Turtles hatch and run for the ocean

Own Minolos
Been to Alaska to watch a dog sled race
See the Mona Lisa at the Louvre
Gone snowmobiling

Gone to the top of a Space Needle

Been to Hawaii
Been to Puerto Rico

Been to the Olympics or World Cup
Walked on the Great Wall of China
Been water-skiing
Seen an Oprah Taping
Swam in the Mediterranean

Been to Asia

Go to Mardi Gras
Go to Yellowstone
Go to Grand Canyon

Start and FINISH a quilt
Been to South America
Ride a gondola in Venice
Seen all 50 states

Monday, February 1, 2010

My whole life depends on grad school. Scratch that... God

I have been really stressed out about applying to Grad schools. It is this constant feeling of am I enough? Did I do enough? Were the last 5 years of my life puproseful? worthy?

But I have always strugged with the concept of God is in control. Coz i like to be in control. Why cant i just keep it that way? Because i am not God, I am human. Its slightly dissapointing.

I know ur ways know ur plans are higher. God wil lead my life although I feel  like without this career I am nothing. But i will remeber I am God's daugghter and that will prevail